About Us

Mission Statement

To advocate Christ’s presence in the Canadian business community in partnership with Christian business leaders and their businesses.

CCBF is a members-based and members-driven organization that focuses its resources on connecting Christian business leaders to each other and to God, and enhancing their success. That is accomplished through proven, biblically-based professional development, partnering, innovation and peer accountability, continually proclaiming and operating with an eternal perspective, and supporting other like-minded people and organizations all to the Glory of God.


Goals Towards Fulfilling the Mission

CCBF will accomplish its mission by:

  • Developing a national database of Christian business leaders and businesses, capturing the unique characteristic keys and information.
  • Establishing and coordinating local chapters to connect Christian business leaders and businesses together for networking, biblically-based professional development and Christian fellowship.
  • Providing and delivering biblically-based, professional development programs with a focus on Christian leadership development.
  • Providing processes and resources to Christian business leaders and their business, allowing them to hold themselves accountable based on CCBF Values, Statement of Faith and Code of Ethics.


Value Statement

As Christian business owners, business managers and business professionals, we are blessed and entrusted with talent, ambition, status and responsibility for the glory of God.  By recognizing the origin of these talents, we remain humble as we strive to serve our customers, employees, community,  country,  family and God - to the best of our ability.   Using the Holy Bible and the example of Jesus Christ as our guide, we believe that our personal and business lives are enriched through giving and that any blessings derived from this focus are to be stewarded for the Glory of God.

CCBF Code of Ethics

The following four crucial principles guide CCBF’s Christian business ethics and its members.

Christian businessmen and women are called by God to conduct their business according to a sacred standard that transcends traditional business ethics. After God created the earth and everything in it, God appointed mankind to be stewards of the earth (Genesis 1:28). As Christian business professionals, the Lord has entrusted us with his resources, both physical and financial, to manage them with care and skill. We honor the Lord in our business by observing and following his principles.


The Lord desires for us to trust him in everything (Proverbs 3:5). That doesn’t mean we trust him only in our personal lives. It includes our professional lives as well. To the Lord there is no distinction between the two. Christian business professionals depend on the Lord’s leadership for their business. We actively pursue God’s blessing upon our work by praying and trusting him to provide strategic direction, resources, and earnings.


The Lord delights in justice (Proverbs 21:3). Therefore we must conduct business fairly. We must not cheat our employees. Instead, we pay them fair wages and ensure that their work conditions are appropriate. Not only is fair treatment a biblical principle, it is likely to improve business as employees will tend to work more productively and happily.

In the same way that we treat our employees fairly, we do the same with our clients. Instead of cutting corners on service and prices, we provide exactly what we promise and we charge what is fair. We only engage in endeavors that are pleasing and acceptable to the Lord, and we refrain from those that may be profitable but involve sin.


The Lord expects us to productively use whatever knowledge and resources he has given to us, no matter how great or small (Mathew 25:14-15). Idleness and laziness have no place in the life of a Christian business professional. Instead, God instructs that hard work is essential in conducting business profitably.

Working hard is also an example to those around us that we care about God’s resources and that we don’t intend to waste them. Glorifying God in business can be done on any level at any position, because we can use exactly what he has given us at each moment of our lives. A start-up entrepreneur can honor God as much as a senior executive.


The Lord is generous, especially towards the underprivileged (Psalm 113:7-9). Christian business professionals go beyond worldly expectations of generosity to help the least of society. We do things such as hire refugees or ex-convicts, open stores in unsafe city neighborhoods to reach people with the gospel, and donate large earnings to charitable organizations instead of reinvesting it in our own organization.

These are risks most business leaders would not take. It seems foolish to them because it opposes sinful, human nature that only does what is best for us. But Christian business professionals take these risks knowing that in God’s economy those kinds of risks are rewarded. Godly businesses do more than self-sustain. They provide sustenance for those who have none.


CCBF Values

CCBF’s values align with the value statement of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce and are as follows.



  • Seek to know the truth….
    – we are righteous through faith
  • Walk in the Light
    – for a full measure of fellowship and unity
  • Speak the truth in Love
    - treat others as we want to be treated
  • Acknowledge absolute dependency on God’s grace and wisdom
  • Be faithful in little and we will be given much


  • Listen and Obey – When we listen, He speaks
    – When we obey, He acts!
  • Walk by Faith in His freedom, working from rest and motivated by love
  • Find God’s YES and His ways for today’s agenda and issues


  • Excellence in all we do is a hallmark of the Kingdom
  • Our professional work is a full time divine service and ministry to the Lord
  • Take responsibility without reaching for power
    – Be accountable before God in all we do
  • Understand the business and its issues
    – Innovate and co-create solutions with Him
    – “Collaborator with God”


Who we are

The Canadian Christian Business Federation was born in 1984, created to provide support, encouragement and leadership development for Canada's Christian business community.

There is a growing network of local chapters across Canada which meet regularly, usually over a meal, led by local leadership teams.

The CCBF regularly provides opportunities for its members to grow in their leadership gifts by either holding or supporting various workshops, seminars and conferences.

Keith Knight is the current executive director.